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Space Rocks

An interpretation of a classic.

  • Game Maker Studio 2 (2019)

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Game Maker Studio 2 (2019)

It was meant as a indepth ressource management game. It will remain  incomplete.

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Icy Tower

A Star's journey through space...

  •  Unity (2020)

  • Features: black holes, energy wave, custom made star trail, double jump, jump boost

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 Unity (2020)

A Diablo II Tribute.

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Infinite Runner

 Unity (2020)

A Dark Forest.

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 Unity (2020)

An Epic Space Chess!

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Visual Studio SDL (2020)


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Mine Sweeper

Android Studio (2020)


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Ophelia's Companions

A JRPG style game (Combat system strongly inspired from FF6) with a basic inventory system

  • Unity (2020) 3 weeks

  • Team : 2 programmers

  • Bug left: a little

  • Work left:  none

  • Features : inventory system with tooltips , scriptable object base logic to swap  animation SFX,VFX. multilayer grid system instantiated at run time, 3 Combat special features:  3 damage types, Mass effect, and critical damage

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A  Stealth game with a strong light and darkness theme. 

  • Unity (2020)  2 months work

  • Bug left : almost none

  • Work left almost none

  • Features : finite State machine AI, custom made A* and custom made character animations (with Spine)

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The Curse

A fantastic medieval horror game. Try  to lift the curse through an abandoned city overrun by zombies.

  • Unity (2020) -3 weeks work

  • Work left : a little

  • Bugs left : a few

  • Features : bow/sword animation ,basic zombie behavior , corps dragging, boss behavior.

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A Halo tribute

  • Unreal Engine (2020) -3 weeks work

  • Team 2 programmers

  • work left : a fair amount

  • Bugs left : some

  • Features :4 gun types, inventory system, basic FPS AI, FPS character logic

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Oh Hell! Score Keeper

A Android score keeper app for the Oh Hell! card game. (Available on google play store)

  • Unity (2021) -4 weeks work

  • Work left : a little.

  • Bugs left : a few.

  • Features :Automatized score keeping, Score chart display , back feature, save player name, Unity adds

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Tower Defense

A classic tower defense.

  • Unity (2022) -5 days work

  • Work left : none.

  • Bugs left : a few.

  • Features :4 tower types with 3 different upgrades each

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Castle War!

A 4 players multiplayer RTS game where each kingdom fight for their survival

  • Unity (2021) using Mirror networking solution -2 months work

  • Work left : a little.

  • Bugs left : a few.

  • Features :10 building types , 4 unit types, at least 2 upgrades or powers per unit, custom made shield and dissolve shader, special grass shader  

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